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News and Updates

ChargePoint will be honored by the United Nations this December during this year's Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 event in Paris. ChargePoint was selected as a Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity for its transformational approach to tackling climate change. By giving drivers access to the largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, ChargePoint facilitates the transition to EVs, which substantially reduce climate change causing emissions from driving.

Leaders from the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, technology and services industry announced today the formation of the Electric Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA), a not-for-profit trade association created to achieve clean transportation by advancing continued innovation in the EV charging industry. EVCA, the first coalition in California and the nation to promote the EV charging industry, concurrently announced release of The State of the Charge, a report documenting the charging industry’s rapid growth in California and the significant economic opportunity it presents for the state.

On Monday, ChargePoint will be joined by a diverse group of sustainability, facilities, and technology executives, civic leaders and entrepreneurs at the Verge 2015 Interconnect conference in San Jose. As part of their role at the conference, ChargePoint will be participating in the world’s largest interactive and temporary Microgrid – a living, vivid demonstration of the future of distributed energy generation, smart systems and resilience.

Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, today commended California Governor Jerry Brown for signing AB 1236 and Assembly members David Chiu and Evan Low for their leadership in proliferating access to EV charging stations in an effort to accelerate EV adoption. AB 1236 (Chiu and Low) streamlines the permitting process for EV charging stations.

Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, joined California Governor Jerry Brown at today’s signing of Senate Bill 350. This landmark legislation is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through new and expanded policies promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and the electrification of transportation. Romano issued the following statement:

How will biofuels, three-wheeled cars and EV charging come together to create a more sustainable transportation system in the future? The discussion at last week’s Women in Clean Tech and Sustainability panel on The Future of Transportation centered on this question. The panel featured Virgina Klausmeier, the CEO of Sylvatex biofuels, Mark Fronmayer, CEO of Arcimoto, a low form-factor EV, and myself, the Head of Marketing Partnerships for ChargePoint. Moderated by Lisa Ann Pinkerton, with lots of interaction from the women (and some men) in the audience, we tried to imagine how the shift to shared, autonomous vehicles would take place and the role that each of our technologies will play when it did.

CALSTART today announced two leading executives have joined the clean transportation nonprofit: Pasquale Romano, President and CEO at ChargePoint, and Frank De Rosa, Principal – Advanced Solutions at SunEdison. Romano leads ChargePoint, which operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle charging network, and develops the technology that powers it. De Rosa oversees vehicle grid integration at SunEdison, as part of the company’s advanced solutions storage and firming initiative. SunEdison is the largest global renewable energy development company, operating in 22 different countries.

ChargePoint, the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network, and Constellation, the nation’s largest competitive energy supplier to businesses, will launch a new program allowing Constellation customers to fund new ChargePoint stations through Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy (EME) program. Through EME, businesses may be eligible to purchase state-of-the-art ChargePoint EV charging stations (including installation, service, and warranties) through their Constellation electricity or gas supply agreement.

The term "retail sustainability" could seem like an oxy-moron. How can anything that is focused on selling more stuff to more people every year be sustainable? Yet, the nation's largest retailers are putting a lot of time and money into reducing their negative environmental impacts and becoming better corporate citizens.