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Successful Fleet Electrification Starts With ChargePoint

The success of your fleet electrification project depends on choosing the right partner. Whether you're just getting started or want to grow your electric fleet from the pilot phase, ChargePoint is the only EV charging company with the proven solutions, vertical integration, and industry expertise you need to pilot, optimize and scale your electric fleet. Our experience and established relationships will save you time and money so that you don't spend cycles with inexperienced vendors that can only handle part of the equation. We deliver the whole package and will be there for you from your first plug-in to your millionth charge.

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The ChargePoint Difference

ChargePoint brings years of experience in planning and implementation of EV infrastructure, providing you the peace of mind you need when you embark on a fleet electrification project. Our turnkey professional services guide fleet customers through each project phase from site layout, construction and operational planning for scheduling, managing electricity use and fueling optimization to mission critical response and resolution. We’ll take care of the details so you can take care of your fleet.

Architected to Scale Your Fleet

Rest easy knowing you can serve your growing EV fleet with our complete portfolio of charging solutions, designed and built to work as a modular system that allows you to scale from EV pilot to full implementation. The system-designed architecture enables flexible power management, reduces operating expenses and maximizes station up-time as your fleet grows.

Designed to Integrate With Your Existing Systems

ChargePoint integrates with many of the existing systems your fleet already relies on, giving you flexibility as you scale, while also enabling the speedy electrification of your depot. Our custom-tailored approach provides exactly what you need at all phases of your transition, so today’s solution sets you up for fast growth and improved operational efficiency.

Dedicated to Your Mission-Critical Operation

ChargePoint understands that charging is mission critical for electric fleets. Our unparalleled quality, scale and service ensure that your operations are never interrupted no matter how large your fleet grows. Our high utilization, uptime, reliability and service level agreements (SLAs) meet the needs of even the most demanding fleets. 

Leading the Industry in EV Fleet Solutions

Since 2007, ChargePoint has been providing industry-leading EV charging solutions. We are the only industry player with our own in-house testing facility to ensure best-in-class product reliability and uptime performance. ChargePoint is fully dedicated to EV charging, with more than a decade of experience shaping the EV charging market through consulting, designing, implementing and supporting charging solutions.

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Whether you’re about to start a pilot or already running a mixed-fueling environment, we can help you get the most out of your electric fleet. Get in touch with our fleet solutions team to plan the next phase of your electrification.  

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